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Damn LJ app, keeps messing this post, I give up!

Long time no see! I think this sorry blog deserve an update on life and stuff!
Well, was I dead? Nope! I have a tumblr page and it's the place where I'm more active:


I nevhttpser took the hang of LJ >.<
Anyway, I've doing art, mostly digital now, and I worked on a pair of visual novels. The last one is pretty decent, although it's an hentai. Here's the nfsw link:


So, well...I grow up a lot in these years...as an artist and as a writer as well. Even my english improved a bit. This place used to be always lonely but probably this is why I liked writing here now and then...

Oh, and I also started crafting stuff! Polymer clay is bless, and carded wool is even better! Finally I can do my own Pokemon plushies!
(Posting pics here because they are just too cute)

(Oh, yeash, I also have a tiny Etsy shop:


it's usually empty, but sometimes I sell stuff and craft commissions)

I think this is it about my artistic life, for now.
What about my life in general? I better not mention it. Think about me as a larva (don ask why, just do it).

To the next update~~~~~~~