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Music Meme

Gentilmente estorto dalla hybiscus  ;)

Post your top fifteen  ten bands / artists, the first song you heard of theirs, the song that made you fall in love, and your current favorite. 

Allora, premesso che non arrivo a 15 XD non posso davvero fare una classifica, quindi l'ordine è casuale, ma, comunque, i green day avranno sempre un posto speciale nel mio cuore <3

1 Green Day
first song: american idiot
fell in love: american idiot
current favourite: murder city

2 Panic At The Disco
first song: a bit of I write sins not tragedies
fell in love: I write sins not tragedies
current favourite: Time to Dance

3 Fall Out Boy
first song: The Take Over, the Breaks Over
fell in love: Dance dance
current favourite: disloyal order of water buffaloes

4 the rasmus
first song: in the shadows
fell in love: in the shadows
current favourite: Liquid

5 System of a down 
first song: Toxicity
fell in love: byob
current favourite: Soldier Side (hypnotize) 

6 korn
first song: make me bad
fell in love: here to stay
current favourite: Mr Rogers

7 Marilyn Manson
first song:  The dope show
fell in love: the dope show
current favourite: Coma white

8 Queen
first song: a kind of magic
fell in love: a kind of magic
current favourite: under pressure

9 Good Charlotte
first song: predictable
fell in love: predictable
current favourite: predictable

10 Muse
first song: Time is running out
fell in love: hysteria
current favourite: Time is running out

EDIT: ora che lo rivedo bene, è quasi la mia classifica XD


Wow interesting!

There's only two bands I've not heard of. You like a lot of American bands. ^^
Yeah, you're right ^-^
I hate italian music >3<
Some of the groups I've named (like Fall Out Boy and Panic at the disco) are very famouse in American but not so much in Italy ç3ç (that's a bit a pity, 'cause these bands never touch our country when they are on tour)